Frequently Asked Questions


As is clearly stated at the bottom of each page of our site: “OptionPointer is not an investment adviser or brokerage firm. We do not make recommendations in relation to securities or derivative instruments, and do not advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment, by you or by any other person. “


Of course, you just have to register. Of course, this package will be valid only for the period indicated and will not be renewable.

We do not require that you sign up for a plan guaranteed by a credit card as is done by most sites offering free trials, however we do want to control the length of the trial and also ensure that it is is not renewable indefinitely. However, if for any reason the trial period was too short, please do not hesitate to write to us.

In an ideal world, I would say NO, but we are not in an Ideal world. The prices we are currently offering are very competitive introductory prices that we will renew at the same price for another year to those who subscribe to one of our regular plans within 30 days of the trial period.

For individual packages no sharing is allowed. For corporate plans, it is possible to add an unlimited number of accounts to the main account.

Yes, write to us at


As the name suggests, the maximum potential profit is the maximum profit you can make with the strategy until its expiration date. The maximum profit can be Limited or Unlimited depending on the chosen strategy.

As the name suggests, the maximum potential loss is the maximum loss you can suffer with this strategy until its expiration date. Just like the maximum profit the maximum loss can be Limited or Unlimited depending on the chosen strategy.

After having defined, with the assistance of OptionOptimizer which strategy is best suited to present market conditions and in line with your investor profile and OptionOption will have calculated the maximum profit and loss, breakeven points and others, you will have to execute your strategy through your broker who will provide you with the exact amount of each option bought and / or sold including all fees and commissions.


An options strategy consists of buying and / or selling several call and / or put options and in some cases the underlying asset (the share), with the aim of benefiting from anticipated movements in the market. underlying or volatility.

There is a huge benefit to using option strategies and the main thing is that when you invest through a strategy you are controlling the maximum possible loss. There are several sites that specialize in describing the different strategies, but none of them do the many performance calculations in real time like we do.