Powerful Online Tools to Optimize Your Option Trading

OptionPointer provides the most powerful online strategic tools to manage all aspects of your option portfolio, from strategy to transactions – including refined mathematical modeling and performance analysis.

Option trading can generate healthy returns regardless of market conditions. However, successful option trading requires a certain level of strategic and mathematical know-how as well as reliable tools to manage transactions in a timely way.

Designed for financial advisors and savvy individual investors!

OptionPointer provides a comprehensive toolkit that allows users to pick…



A unique approach using verified Strategies

There are dozens of strategies in the options market and it is very difficult, even for an investment advisor, to navigate them and make the right decisions under market conditions.

It is for this and other reason that investment dealers have historically been reluctant to use or recommend this valuable investment tool to their clients.

With the exception of industry professionals in the purchase and sale of options, advisers generally only recommended the purchase of options neglecting, for lack of knowledge, the sale of options under the pretext that it is was too risky.

Therefore they deprived themselves of this investment strategy, thus placing themselves in a situation of “Loser”…

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These tools include



Advanced Strategic Planning Module

Option Pointer’s OptionOptimizer© module automatically generates strategic approaches based on your projections and preferences.

The first phase produces a general analysis of market conditions for a given period and provides an advanced selection of option buying and selling strategies divided according to 3 categories: Bull market, Stable or neutral market and Bear market. This usually reduces to five or six the number of valuable strategies based on your criteria and market conditions.



An Accurate and Timely Options Monitoring and Management Tool

OptionMonitor© offers another key feature for those who understand the importance of closely monitoring their investment activities. The system constantly keeps track of your option portfolio’ status according to:

  • Changes in market conditions (from Bull to Bear, etc.)
  • Investor’s profile, including his maximum risk level etc.
  • Approaching deadlines for trading options (buy or sell)